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Annika has been working as an actress with a diverse row of directors and companies both on stage and film, since the beginning of the 90's.
She works both as a freelancer as well as a self producing artist. Annika has performed and presented her work in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Great Britain, Russia, Belgium, Latvia, Brazil and USA.

She has worked with the Danish Global Stories, Neander, Exment/Tin Box, Bozco, Boxiganga and Club Fisk, Portuguese João Fiadeiro/Atelier RE.AL, Icelandic LabLoki, German Ludica and others.
She is also often on stage herself in her work with Kassandra Production.
Beyond this she has worked in various film and for TV, among others with the Swedish director Björn Runge/SVT.


Annika is educated in the physical laboratory theatre tradition and devising, with the theatre legends Sören Larsson at Larssons TeaterAkademi in Sweden and Ingemar Lind at Istituto di Arte Scenica in Italy (1987-90).
Following this she took a post-education at Scut/Gitis - the state theatre school in Moscow (2000-02), led by the Russian director Jurij Alschitz, with a focus on the creative and philosophical potential of theatre and the actor.
In parallel she studied choreography and dance with various companies and choreographers since 1985.





About Annika...

“At last it was Annika B. Lewis’ turn to catch the audience, which she did with excellence… Beyond that the audience were involved in the act, Annika B. Lewis managed to catch the audience’ attention with a vivid personality topped with a stain of humour. The whole hall were filled with laughter and a dazzling excitement for, what her next move could be.”
– Terpsichore, about Let's Get Personal 2010

"Annika B. Lewis bills her one-woman show, “Let’s Get Personal,” as “an absurd report from the happiest country in the world, with a personal commentary ranging somewhere between blind angles and clear views.” Although this country does not exist, Miss Lewis‘ description of it closely resembles the United States, where success comes from a carefully calculated fusion of self-help, self-promotion and self-deception. Miss Lewis stars as an insanely chipper productivity expert who, in between politically charged monologues, leads the audience in satirical breathing exercises designed to help them reach their truer, deeper selves (which are, in the end, as gullible as their falser, shallower selves). With its emphasis on programming people to be orderly and efficient in their personal and professional lives, and its reference to “Newspeak,” “Let’s Get Personal” is a darkly funny riff on George Orwell’s “1984.”
- Washington Times



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