Consultant & Teacher

Are you looking for a creative consultant, teacher or lecturer?

Annika offers creative learning-rooms designed after need and wishes:

  • Body, movements and expression
  • Inspiration and Kick Off processes
  • Creative processes and tools
  • Idea crystallisation and development
  • Lectures on creativity, public speaking and personal performance
  • Teambuilding and communication
  • Workshops and training in dance, theatre and performance

Annika is an experienced teacher and has worked as a consultant and teacher in the cultural and business sectors, since the beginning of the 90’ ees.

Annika has taught for among others the consulting firm Kaosmanagement, the business education KaosPiloterne, the dance organization Dansevaerket, the theatre school Gitis Scandinavia, Teaterstudion, MBT, DGI, Performers House, Teknologisk Innovation/Spaceinvaders, Musikprojektet/DMF, Byhøjskolen, in Denmark.

Further more for the consulting firm Changemaker in Gothenburg, the cultural project manager school Kulturverkstan in Gothenburg, the dance department at Latvian Culture College in Riga, the theate education Protei in Bari, the international dance festival Open Look in St. Petersburg, with others.

About Annika...

“Annika is a very unusual process consultant. With her wide knowledge of people, performance and business she knows how to facilitate the left and the right brain-people! She is a fascinating inspirator and facilitator who matters both the process and the result. She is absolutely extra-ordinary.”

- Charlotte Rosenberg, Nownow