Project leader

AnnikaAre you looking for an experienced project-leader or producer?

Annika offers project-leading and management in the art and cultural sectors, as well as in the business sectors.

Background and experience

Annika has over 20 years of practical experience as a project-leader and producer, primary in the arts and cultural sectors.

Her personal network consists of both art and cultural sectors, as well as the private business life.

Annika connects people across comminities, sectors, organisations, backgrounds and disciplines.

This has resulted in a long row of cultural events with assignments as idea generator, inspirator, project developer, coordinator, budget navigator, fundraiser, administration, runner, booking, national and international collaborations, touring, etc.

Annika has presented her work, teached and organised touring and other collaboration projects in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Great Britain, Brazil, Russia, Latvia, Finland and the US.