Performing and creative artist

Annika is a creative performing arts artist – and she works internationally as a director, choreographer, performance artist, actress, singer, curator, producer, as well as cultural entrepreneur.

She works both on stage and in film, in traditional theatre venues as well as in non-traditional venues and site specific locations.

Annika is the founder of the artist driven performance theatre company Kassandra Production - and in that context she has produced more than 25 separate performances, collaborated and toured internationally.

Her artistic practice is characterised by interdiciplinary fusions with a border defying, complex and innovative artistic signature. She challanges theatre concepts and the role of the spectator.

Annika has performed and presented her work in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Russia, Germany, Brazil, United Kingdom, Belgium, Portugal, Latvia, Italy and the USA.

In 2007 she received the RMW cultural award and in 2008 and 2011 prestigious working grants from the Danish Arts Foundation.

Artistic education

After basic education in the visual arts, Annika was educated in the physical laboratory theatre tradition, with emphasis on devising and real time composition.

She has a diploma in the Russian theatre tradition, with focus on composition, creativity and the philosophy of theatre.

In parallel, Annika has studied different forms of dance, choreography and body mechanics, with various choreographers and ensembles.

About Annika...


"What she can as a multi-artist is – together with the people she creates the works with – is to combine passion with (new) technology. Another strength, is that she relate reflecting and critical to our being in the world and to the current choices we make."
- Kirsten Dahl, Århus Stiftstidende

"She has juggled with Strindberg and live features from Reykjavik, Plato and sensual dinners. The body and soul. She has trembling of cold, crying with wet hair and dissolved scripts, laughing and cool, delivered the absolute most sophisticated and radical two minutes that have been in the value debate." 
- Marianne Egelund Siig, Global HR-partner, Nordea

"Annika B. Lewis bills her one-woman show, “Let’s Get Personal,” as “an absurd report from the happiest country in the world, with a personal commentary ranging somewhere between blind angles and clear views.” Although this country does not exist, Miss Lewis‘ description of it closely resembles the United States, where success comes from a carefully calculated fusion of self-help, self-promotion and self-deception. Miss Lewis stars as an insanely chipper productivity expert who, in between politically charged monologues, leads the audience in satirical breathing exercises designed to help them reach their truer, deeper selves (which are, in the end, as gullible as their falser, shallower selves). With its emphasis on programming people to be orderly and efficient in their personal and professional lives, and its reference to “Newspeak,” “Let’s Get Personal” is a darkly funny riff on George Orwell’s “1984.”
- Washington Times